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What’s New With Florida’s Election Standards?

Secure Ballot Intake Station American Security Cabinets
Earlier this month, the Florida State legislature made some changes to the state’s election guidelines, particularly in terms of early voting and ballot drop labeling. Now that the amendments have been made official, it’s important that any Florida voters, elected officials and other interested parties understand what these changes mean and how they will affect voting in the Sunshine State moving forward. Read more about the recent changes here.

Early Voting, Assistance with Voting, and Voting By Mail

To comply with legislation, early voting kiosks must be continually monitored by a government official or security cameras with a clear view of the voter’s face, and should be installed for a month before the election in places that allow all voters equal opportunity to access them. The newest iteration of the law also states that it is illegal for anyone except an election official to be in the voting booth with a voter, unless the person helping them takes an oath stating they have not encouraged the voter to select a specific candidate. Mail-in ballots must be in the hands of election officials by 7:00PM on election day for them to be counted. However, election officials recommend getting your ballot in as soon as possible so it arrives in time and there’s less chance that it gets lost in the mail.

Secure Ballot Intake Stations… What is the difference?

Ballot kiosks now have to be labeled as Secure Ballot Intake Stations, instead of using the term “drop box” anywhere on the receptacle. With that said, it is just a change in nomenclature. Regardless of the changes in name, the functioning of the kiosks will stay the same. There is really only one thing you need to do to comply with this portion of the amendment, which is to update the vinyl and signage on your drop box.

How can ASC help?

If you need to change your kiosk’s labels, we’ve got you covered. Since these types of changes often lead to stress, we are always here to help make the process easy from start to finish. Our custom decals are specifically designed for use on voting machines and equipment, so they adhere well and stay put throughout a variety of weather conditions. Whether you’re looking for just one sticker or an entire custom-designed system, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project goes smoothly. We have several pre-designed options available in addition to the option to design your own. Give our team a call today to get a quote on new vinyl for your kiosk!

Replacing Your Vinyl

With some time, patience, and a little bit of alcohol-based solvent, you’ll be able to peel off your old vinyl to make way for new labeling. Before you install new vinyl, make sure to clean your cabinet thoroughly. It is at this point that you will measure out the placement and attach the vinyl to the surface of the cabinet by taking an appropriate amount of the backing and gently removing it in sections at a time, smoothing out bubbles as you lay it down. If you would like more information about replacing the vinyl on your existing kiosk, you can watch the instructional videos: Removing Vinyl and Applying Vinyl on our YouTube channel.