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American Security Cabinets

VFW Flag Retirement Drop Boxes

Our Partnership With The Minnesota VFW

American Security Cabinets has partnered with the Department of Minnesota – Veterans of Foreign Wars to create stainless steel, 100% made in the USA, Flag Retirement Drop boxes to allow the community to properly dispose of worn, torn and faded American Flags in a respectful manner. Shredding or throwing an American Flag away is disrespectful not only to the community, but to our veterans and those currently serving.

Once Flag Drop boxes become full, the flags can be properly disposed of in respectful retirement ceremonies, most often put on by local VFW’s, American Legions, Boy Scout Troops and organizations as such.

Choose from Interior and Exterior Flag Drop Boxes, along with decal design options for your unit.

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Mention Promo Code: VFWMN to receive 5% off your order or enter the promo code at checkout!

Looking to customize your drop box?

Our graphic designers are here to help you design the perfect vinyl graphics for your cabinet. We have the ability to add your logo, add/change the verbiage, change the fonts and colors, or completely redesign your vinyl. Work with one of our sales associates to create the perfect flag retirement box for your needs.


Call 1-866-268-4955 with additional questions or for help placing your order.
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Proper Flag Disposal And Retirement

Properly disposing of an old American flag is a sign of respect for the nation’s symbols and traditions. The U.S. Flag Code provides guidelines for the respectful disposal of worn, tattered, or damaged American flags. Here are a few reasons why you should consider following these guidelines:

  1. Respect for the Symbol: The American flag is a powerful symbol that represents the nation’s values, history, and unity. Proper disposal ensures that the flag is treated with the dignity it deserves, even when it’s no longer in pristine condition.

  2. Honoring Veterans and Service Members: Many veterans and active-duty service members hold the flag in high regard, as it symbolizes their sacrifices and dedication to the country. Proper disposal of the flag is a way to honor their service and commitment.

  3. Maintaining Tradition: Following proper disposal protocols respects the traditions and customs that have developed around the flag over the years. These guidelines help to maintain the symbolic significance of the flag.

  4. Environmental Responsibility: Many flag disposal methods, such as ceremonial burning, emphasize a respectful and eco-friendly way to dispose of a flag. When done correctly, burning a flag is not meant to be a destructive act but rather a reverent ceremony.

  5. Setting an Example: By disposing of the flag properly, you set a positive example for others, encouraging them to treat the flag with respect and adhere to national customs.

How Can I Properly Dispose of an American Flag?

To properly dispose of an old American flag, you can consider these common methods:

    1. Flag Drop-off Locations: Some local governments, veterans’ organizations, or civic groups may offer designated drop-off locations where you can leave old flags for proper disposal. Don’t have one in your community? American Security Cabinets has partnered with the VFW and is offering up to 10% off Flag Retirement Boxes.
  1. Burial: Burying the flag is another honorable way to dispose of it. The flag is folded properly, placed in a dignified container, and buried in a respectful location.

  2. Contacting Local Organizations: Some organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America, VFW, and American Legion, often provide flag disposal services or ceremonies. They can help ensure that the flag is properly retired.

  3. Ceremonial Burning: This is one of the most common methods. It involves holding a respectful flag retirement ceremony, during which the flag is burned in a dignified manner. The ashes are then usually buried.