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Ballot Drop Boxes: Choosing The Right Ballot Drop

Choosing The Right Ballot Drop Box

Choosing which ballot drop box to purchase may seem overwhelming, stressful, and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. When selecting a ballot drop box, there are many factors to consider. There are various different manufacturers, styles, materials, sizes, and configurations when it comes to ballot drops.  Here are some things to consider when choosing which ballot drop box to use at your polling location during the upcoming election.

As Americans head out to vote in another election, we are reminded of how important ballot intake boxes are. When choosing a ballot drop box, there are some things you should consider. First and foremost, is safety. In high-traffic areas like city centers or university campuses, it’s crucial that your ballots remain secure at all times. You also want to think about ease of use. If voters can’t access their ballot box easily, they may be discouraged from voting altogether. It’s also important to choose a brand with quality materials. Your election boxes need to be made from sturdy material, so they don’t rust or corrode. Another thing to keep in mind is ballot transportation. Make sure the drop box you choose has an easy way of collecting and transporting ballots from the intake box to the polling place.


Ballot security is one of the most important factors to think about when looking to purchase a drop box. Some drop boxes lack major security features and have a high risk of ballot tampering or phishing. American Security Cabinets has one of the most secure ballot intake boxes on the market. Their drop boxes are made of 18-gauge stainless steel, have internal anchors, and are loaded with anti-tampering and anti-phishing mechanisms to ensure the safety of all collected ballots.

American Security Cabinet’s ballot boxes come standard with double locking, anti-pry doorjambs, brass cam locks, restricted openings, a false ledge, and more. Collected ballots cannot be seen from the outside of the cabinet, even when the chute is in the open position. The restricted opening ensures that only one ballot can be dropped at a time, and any items larger than a ballot cannot be dropped into the box. The false ledge deters any phishing attempts as it is not possible to get a phishing mechanism into the cabinet and then back up to the main opening.

The anti-pry doorjamb with a double locking access door provides an extra level of security. Not only is it impossible to pry the access door open, but the locks on the door itself are also cam locks and cannot be easily cut with bolt cutters like padlocks can be cut. The two locks on the access doors also require different keys which means that both sets of keys are needed in order to open the access door as well.

Which drop box material should I get?

Out of all metals, stainless steel drop boxes are the most durable, especially when it comes to any harsh elements as they are not prone to rust-through corrosion and have self-healing abilities. Stainless steel drop boxes are low maintenance, long-lasting, and fire-resistant.

Stainless steel drop boxes have a very long life span. If the box is being used indoors, stainless steel will last forever. For exterior uses, stainless steel drop boxes will last over 20 years! Aluminum drop boxes only have a five-year life span. Also, if the stainless steel is scratched, the stainless steel will heal itself by using oxygen from the air or water to rebuild itself to repair any scratches or damage.

Other materials have a tendency to rust and corrode, leaving you with a damaged drop box, additional costs, and the risk of exposed or accessible contents.

American Security Cabinets ballot drops are also backed by their ASC promise offering a Liftetime Warranty on their stainless steel ballot drops. “Our brushed stainless steel drop boxes, security cabinets, kiosks, and depositories are warranted* against rust-through corrosion for life!

Ease of Use/Accessibility

Something else to keep in mind when searching for a ballot drop is the ease of use. Is the ballot drop you are looking at accessible to those with disabilities? Some manufacturers claim they are ADA compliant but require modifications to the drop box itself in order to be ADA compliant. At American Security Cabinets, all of our drop boxes come ADA Title II and III compliant straight out of the box.

Ballot Transportation

Something else to think about is if the drop box comes with any means of ballot transportation. Are there transfer carts that fit in the drop boxes? Are there totes made specifically for each cabinet? Or do you have to take each individual ballot out by hand and place it in to another container, risking possible misplacement or tampering during that time.

American Security Cabinets offers multiple ballot transportation methods. From secure, locking ballot transfer carts, and fitted collection totes to rolling ballot transfer bags. Each transfer method has a variety of sizes to specifically fit the cabinet of your choice to ensure that all ballots are collected safely and securely and be transported without a hassle.

Think about the location of your ballot drop box

Where will your ballot drop will be installed? Are you looking for an indoor ballot return? An outdoor ballot drop? Do you need your ballot intake box to be mobile? Are there going to be any harsh elements that may affect your drop box? Some drop boxes are only made for indoor use and may rust or corrode if exposed to too much sun, rain, or snow.

American Security Cabinets builds ballot drops to fit all needs. From indoor and through wall drop boxes to exterior and mobile ballot drops, ASC has you covered. Each drop box is made of 18-gauge stainless steel and is built to withstand any harsh weather and climates. These drop boxes are made to suit indoor, outdoor, and mobile needs.


Appearance is another factor to keep in mind while deciding which intake box to purchase. Some states may require specific verbiage, type of vinyl, and even colors for vinyl that is placed on each drop box. Many manufacturers offer limited designs, language, and customization options. American Security Cabinets offers fully customizable vinyl from verbiage, fonts, and languages to colors, graphics, and sizes.

Size options

Ballot drops come in many different styles and sizes as well. You may need a small ballot drop for one location yet and extra-large drop for a different location. Manufacturers like American Security Cabinets offer cabinets ranging from extra-small to extra-large to meet your ballot drop needs.In conclusion, when shopping for a ballot intake box, make sure the one you choose checks all of your boxes. Your ballot drop should be loaded with security features, be accessible and easy for voters to use, made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, and have some sort of collection method. Also ensure that the drop box you pick out is designed for interior/exterior/mobile use, depending on where your box will be placed. A few other factors to keep in mind are the drop box size that best suits your needs as well as vinyl customization abilities to meet any law or rules set by your city, state, or county.