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Medication Take Back Programs with KMS


Running a take back program may seem difficult, but with the new Kiosk Management System (KMS) Smart Technology, monitoring your drop box and take back program has never been easier. Stay in touch with your kiosk at all times with KMS.

What is a Take Back Program?

Diversion and misuse of prescription drugs is an epidemic health problem in America. Medication take back programs make disposal of unused medications quick, easy and compliant, enabling your facility to help combat drug diversion and misuse. Set up your take back program with American Security Cabinets’ secure anti-phishing kiosks, patented liner systems, KMS, and a robust management portal to safely dispose of unused medications securely and efficiently. Adding the new KMS Smart Technology to your kiosk allows you to monitor your kiosk remotely at any time, from anywhere.

Take back programs aren’t just for medications and prescriptions. Take back programs also include disposal of sharps, medical waste, healthcare PPE, and more!

What is KMS?

American Security Cabinets’ Kiosk Management System, or KMS for short, is a new and innovative smart technology that helps you monitor your kiosk, or network of kiosks. The KMS is a wireless monitoring system that allows you to view multiple different aspects of your cabinet/cabinets online at any time. You can view information such as how full the liner is, how much the liner weighs, when and how many times the hopper has been opened, the battery power level, and more. You can view the data for a single kiosk or view your entire system of kiosks as a whole.

The ability to monitor your kiosk online at any time from anywhere alleviates some of the administrative burdens of running a take back program. Tired of constantly checking the kiosk manually to see if the liner is full? Sick of the liner overflowing by the time you are able to remove it? KMS is here to help. Check in on your kiosk by using our online portal or set up custom notifications to be alerted when the liner is about to be full. This eliminates the overfilling of liners both capacity and weight-wise and reduces the number of trips to manually check the kiosks’ status.

Our user-friendly Kiosk Management System is made up of multiple parts that communicate through LTE technology to the online portal. These pieces include a fill sensor, control module, power supply, weight plate, auto-locking hopper, hopper sensor, access door sensor, and service light. Not only can you view this information online at any time, but you can also set up real-time text or email notifications to be alerted when your kiosk is full or almost full, when the maximum compliance weight is about to be or has been reached, when the battery is getting low, and when the kiosk has been accessed through the hopper or the access door.

Upgrade your existing kiosk with the KMS or have it installed in a new kiosk from American Security Cabinets.  KMS is available for most new and used American Security Cabinets and American RX Group kiosks.

KMS Portal

Use our KMS portal any time to see the overall health of the kiosk, the battery power, the current weight, or approximately how full the liner may be.

Our KMS System will notify you in real-time when the maximum weight to be DEA and DOT compliant has been reached, when the liner is full, if the access door has been opened, and more. Set up text or email notifications to be alerted when:

  • The kiosk is reaching its max capacity
  • The kiosk is full
  • The liner is approaching the maximum weight limit
  • The maximum weight has been reached
  • The hopper has been opened
  • The battery is getting low
  • The access door has been opened

KMS Multi-Tiered Alert System

Not only do you have the ability to customize how you receive your alerts (via email, text or both), but alerts can also be customized according to what type of user you are. For instance, notifications can be set up so that an employee will receive notifications about whether or not the liner is nearing its capacity limit – and if it does reach its limit then someone in an administrator role can be alerted, increasing the level of urgency to critical. Our system has the versatility to allow you to set individual alarms for yourself and others at both the alert and critical alert levels so no one gets surprised!

Wireless Technology

The KMS is a battery powered, wireless device that transmits data from the control module to the online portal. Our Kiosk Management System uses LTE technology through the AT&T network to keep in touch with your kiosk and network of kiosks. This eliminates any possible firewall or Wi-Fi issues that could occur. The battery power aspect means that the kiosk does not need to be placed near an outlet – it can be placed virtually anywhere that the AT&T LTE network covers.

Fill Sensor (1)

The KMS Fill Sensor is mounted to the top of the cabinet on the inside. This sensor senses how full the cabinet or liner is. This information is passed from the fill sensor back to the control module where the data is then sent off as a notification or to the online portal. Auto alerts are sent out to notify you when your liner is reaching its maximum capacity and when the max capacity has been reached. You can view the fill level at any time by checking the online portal.

Control Module (2)

The Control Module of the KMS is the brain of the system. This module is the main aspect of the Kiosk Management System as all of the data that is collected by the other pieces is sent back to the control module. Once the data reaches the control module, that information is sent via LTE technology to the online portal where the data is received, organized, and displayed for viewing. The Control Module is also where all of the text and email notifications are sent from letting you know the status and overall health of your kiosk.

Power Supply (3)

The Power Supply of the Kiosk Management System is a battery pack consisting of four D cell Alkaline batteries. This power supply provides approximately four years of life, depending on usage. If the batteries start running low on power, a notification will be sent and the online portal will show that the kiosk will soon need attention.

Weight Plate (4)

The weight plate, also known as the weight sensor, calculates how much each liner weighs. This helps manage the weight and stay compliant with DEA/DOT 66 lbs regulations and maximize cost savings when shipping. This sensor collects the weight, sends the data to the control module, and then the data is then sent off as a notification and to the online portal. You are able to check the weight of your liner/container at any time on the portal or set up notifications for when the liner/container has reached a certain weight to eliminate overfilling.

Hopper Sensor (5)

Another piece of the Kiosk Management System is the hopper sensor. The hopper sensor tracks when and how often the hopper is opened, efficiently tracking customer usage. This is also helpful to detect any possible tampering attempts. All information collected from the hopper sensor is viewable in the online KMP portal.

Auto-Locking Hopper (6)

This locking mechanism automatically locks the hopper when the liner is full or has reached its maximum weight. This prevents the liners from overfilling and becoming too heavy. The service light will also light up while the hopper is locked as well.

Access Door Sensor (7)

The access door sensor assists in monitoring access door activity. The door sensor records the date and time every time the access door is opened, to help with accountability and protection.

Service Light (8)

The service light automatically turns on when the kiosk is full or has reached its maximum weight limit. This light is located on the front of the cabinet on the right towards the top. This stands as a visual warning and reminder that the liner is full.

Who is KMS for?

The KMS is for virtually anyone running a take back program, or someone who just wants to keep an eye on their kiosk in general. Whether you work in a pharmacy, long-term-care facility, police station, or government center, the KMS is for you. Minimize the administrative burden of running a take back program by installing a Kiosk Management System in your disposal cabinet. Set up notifications and stay in touch with your kiosk online at any time.


Our user-friendly Kiosk Management System was designed with you in mind. The KMS offers a new and improved way to keep your eye on your kiosk at any time, from anywhere. Simply log on to the KMS portal and view your kiosk health and status there or set up custom notifications tailored to each individual on your team. View the fill level, liner weight, battery life, door history, and so much more without having to manually check the cabinet. Running a take back program has never been easier.

Interested in Learning More?

Interested in the KMS or want to learn more? We are here to help! Call us at 866.268.4955 or email us at for more information or to order your Kiosk Management System today!

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