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Security is our top priority. This means our medication disposal boxes are loaded with anti-theft features. Don't be fooled by inferior drop boxes with padlocks and unrestricted access points. Our zero-access openings are built so that thieves can't reach in and pull anything out, and our anti-pry door jambs with registered locks and keys keep collected unused prescriptions safe.

Looking for a Disposal Solution?

Any collection program needs a removal solution. Are you looking for a waste destruction vendor? Our company partners with American RX Group as a full service mail back solution for your unused medications. Integral components such as our patented, easy-to-use liners and a robust online tracking portal provide everything you need to manage the program from start to finish.

Newly Patented Liner System

American Rx Group's newest Patented Liner Design has taken the leap ahead of all other competition.  This design was customized with all parties in mind.  Each box comes with easy, step-by-step instructions on how to put it together with no tools or other supplies necessary.  It also comes with detailed instructions on how to seal the box upon preparation for disposal.

US Patent. No. 10,981,710

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