Kiosk Management System (KMS)

The Power of KMS

Take the administrative burden away from managing your kiosk. With our new, user-friendly, Kiosk Management System you can monitor your kiosk online anywhere, anytime. The KMS System uses LTE technology through the AT&T network to keep in touch with your kiosks which eliminates any firewall or WiFi issues.

Our KMS System is made up of seven main components:

KMS Command Module
Battery Pack
Fill Sensor
Weight Plate/Weight Sensor
Access Door Sensor
Hopper Sensor
Service Light
Auto-Locking Hopper

Click on the highlighted points on the image to learn more about each component and what its function is.


KMS Portal

Use our KMS portal any time to see the overall health of the kiosk, the battery power, the current weight, or approximately how full the liner may be.

Our KMS System will notify you in real-time when the maximum weight to be DEA and DOT compliant has been reached, when the liner is full, if the access door has been opened, and more. Set up text or email notifications to be alerted when:

The kiosk is full
The maximum weight has been reached
The hopper has been opened
The battery is low
The access door has been opened

Multi-Tiered Alert System

Not only do you have the ability to customize how you receive your alerts (via email, text or both), but alerts can also be customized according to what type of user you are. For instance, an employee will receive notifications about whether or not the liner is nearing its capacity limit - and if it does reach its limit then someone in an administrator role can be alerted, increasing the level of urgency to critical. Our system has the versatility to allow you to set individual alarms for yourself and others at both the alert and critical alert levels so no one gets surprised!


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